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Dear OSEF,
Thank you for a completely wonderful and amazing experience. Julia has kept us up-to-date on her many opportunities and adventures in France this past 10 weeks yet has been independent and self-reliant. We have been so impressed with the whole OSEF program, your warmth and support, communication, organization and the work you have put into creating this life-changing experience. We look forward to continuing our connection with Delphine and her family and know that Julia will come home with so many stories to share! She has loved it all.
Thank you again for all your efforts,
Susan and John Dumbrell



Chantal has had very wonderful experience so far.  We appreciate all your and your team's work on this.  We now realize what a large project and efforts you have pulled together for us.  Forever grateful,
Best, Bonnie Chang


Bonjour à toute l'équipe de l'osef! Et un grand merci à vous tous et à Christine Lenfant pour votre dévouement et tout le travail effectué pour ces jeunes!

Mon fils Tristan Albrand, qui postulait au départ pour la seconde année, et qui a été matché tardivement, et qui a failli ne pas partir faute d'accord du chef de l'etablissement, vit une expérience fantastique à Vancouver!
Il est vraiment très heureux, me dit depuis les tous premiers jours ds sa famille qu'il est comme ds un rêve! Il s'entend à merveille avec son correspondant et se sent très "comfortable" ds sa famille! Il n'a jamais été aussi motivé par l'école... et ne prend même pas le temps de communiquer avec nous!
Bref, je ne doutais nullement de la réussite de ce projet, étant moi même partie prenante de ce type d'expérience ds ma vie personnelle et professionnelle, mais la réussite de cet échange dépasse largement tous mes espoirs (et ceux de mon fils surtout) !
Et pourtant Tristan a vécu un épisode douloureux 5 jours à peine après son arrivée au Canada, quand je lui apprenais, lors de notre tout premier RV skype, le décès de sa grand-mère maternelle...
Je tenais donc à vous communiquer tous mes remerciements, en tant que maman, je sais combien il est important, d'avoir des messages de reconnaissance, quand on se donne, comme vous le faites tous, pour une belle cause comme celle ci!
Un grand bravo et un grand merci!

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From: Connor Date: Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 3:30 PM Subject: Exchange paragraph To: Sophie
I am an only child, so the exchange was a very interesting experience. Having a new kid in the house, especially a guy, was very strange. And noisy. Always noisy! But it also means there's less individual chores, which is always cool :) In France, I was in a family of 4 kids, so there was very little privacy. There was only one bathroom too, so it was... Interesting, to say the least. The first two weeks, adjusting to the language, was difficult, but after that it was no problem. In school, you only really learn the french needed for your courses, so even though I'd been in french immersion for 10 years, I learned a lot. It really ends up feeling like you relearned the language. The people were very friendly, the school was enormous and the classes a lot harder than home, and the food was very different. Bread with every meal, very few vegetables and little meat, but it was good overall. It was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend it to others!


Bonjour OSEF  

All of the food is great, and I am currently in Toulouse visiting some of Maud's family. I speak french for most of the day, but i can be quite tired by the end so I speak in English and French, but everyone speaks in French to me 95 percent of the time.  I find it gets eqsier to understqnd and articulate every day [but it is very hard to type on the french key board, sorry for the qs)!  Maud's family is so nice to me and I really enjoy spending time with all of them, I cant wait to get better at speaking French!  the rules are very similar to mine at home, and all of the kids in my class at school seem very nice (but i havnt really gotten to know them well yet as we have only had one week of school) and I really like all of Mauds friends! hope everything is good with you and happy valentines dqy!


all the best, Anisette – Toronto



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